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What Clients Say

"This program changed my life! I feel more awake and aware than ever, I have more energy, and I've been sleeping so much better. I would recommend this program to everyone!"

RESET, REWIRE , and RESTORE your life with the 

The Autonomic Protocol

What started as a multidisciplinary look at the beginning of life became a multidisciplinary look at what it means to be human. Some of us are so busy ironing out the details, that we're letting life pass us by. Life should be enjoyed and that's why we are here to help others encounter their best selves and walk with them on a path of life’s wonderful moments.

Not sure the AP is for you? Here's a list of questions that can help you decide!

1. Do I have 12+ weeks to dedicate my time to this?

2. Do I have time before 10:30am to wear the prescribed Syntonics glasses for 5 to 20 minutes?

3. Can I meet with Dr. Buck and Mrs. Zakka once a month?

Once you've decided the Autonomic Protocol is for you, here are the next few steps!

1. Fill out our online questionnaire 

2.  Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor and have them fill out the Eye Care Practitioner's form

3. Schedule your online pre-program appointment with Dr. Buck and Mrs. Zakka

Kids AP

Using a combination of visual, sensory, and meditative activities, Kids AP is a program designed to naturally balance the autonomic nervous system.

Discover countless tools that can become part of the foundation for a more resilient and self-regulating family. From this program, you and your child will be able to apply what you learn and discuss to improve your lives together.

Benefits of the AP

Decreased anxiety and stress and anger

Improved communication

Increased focus and attention and mental clarity

Improved physical health as seen with heart rate and heart rate variability

Decreased digestive upsets

Improved self regulation of emotions

Decreased tantrums

Sleep quality improvements

Improved sensory information processing skills

Primitive reflex integration

Increased ability for social emotional connections

Improved visual ability including eye teaming, focusing, and eye movements

Increased relaxation

Increased energy and stamina

Improved flexibility of mind and body

(The autonomic protocol is an interactive, hands-on program that will require active participation and may have  various results as each individual is different)​

Elements of the AP




Through the use of Syntonic Light therapy signals are sent to brain to help stimulate different areas.




Utilizing physical movement and mediative exercises as a way of establishing Mindbody connections is an important part of  regulating oneself.


Social and Emotional Regulation

Bringing awareness to the inner workings of the body and mind can help individuals to better understand themselves.

Did you know that 80% of sensory information entering the brain is from the visual system? 

When the eyes work well they are able to guide and lead an individual through development, but when they don’t, they can be stumbling blocks in the path of life. 

By utilizing syntonic glasses, a form of light therapy, and

meditative/mindful movements, the autonomic protocol will work towards improving the quality of your life by targeting and the resetting your autonomic nervous system. 

But how does this work?

Let's get scientific for a moment...

Targeting specific areas of the brain through Syntonics and meditation, not only changes our thought patterns, but also sets in motion a cascade effect which sends chemical messengers to the body in order to induce relaxation and build resilience. 

Heart rate Variability is a good example of this! 

When Heart Rate Variability is in a good range, your nervous system is more resilient and the likelihood of being able to resist infections, microbes, and virus is much higher. This is because you immune system is able to properly respond to and address these foreign invaders.

When our nervous systems are in a constant inflamed or over excited state, the immune system will respond to external invaders as well as internal invaders. The result is a cytokine inflammatory storm that becomes its own autoimmune issue. Now the body has the invader to deal with as well as the cascade of issues created by the inappropriate inflammatory response. 


Ultimately, The Autonomic Protocol aims to relax your autonomic nervous system in order to stimulate internal healing so your body can work the way it's suppose to and you can lead a healthier, calmer life. 

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