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A little bit about us...

Working Towards a Better You

Image by Ivana Cajina

Our Story

      As other businesses started out in garages, Reset, Rewire, Restore was born in a kitchen and a garage. 

     Times were tough, anxiety levels were on the rise, and peace was hanging by a thread. Like many others in the Covid-19 lockdown, Pauline Buck and Tiffany Zakka, were forced to move their own businesses online. At their wit's end, Buck and Zakka sat down as long-time friends and began talking about the different ways they could help each other as well as their clients through the difficult times. 

    "We can use Syntonics," Buck said one day and began explaining the different ways photobiomodulation, also known as light therapy, could be used to help with anxiety, inflammation, and other physical and psychological issues.

     "I want in." were Zakka's exact words. 

     With Buck's background in vision and behavioral therapy and Zakka's background in occupational therapy and yoga, they created a movement-and-meditation-based light therapy program that has come to be known as the Autonomic Protocol. 

Meet Our Team

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