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Working towards a natural neurological balance to successfully navigate life’s daily challenges. 

RESET your nervous system!

REWIRE your brain-body connections!

RESTORE your life to become the best version of you!

ResetRewireRestore's 12 level program will guide you through 3 different modules: Grounding, Rising, and Souring. Together will work towards resetting your autonomic nervous system to help improve the quality of your life. Autonomic Protocol is the natural way to heal yourself from the inside out. Help us help you facilitate neurological, physiological and emotional changes in order to balance your autonomic nervous system.


ResetRewireRestore's Autonomic Protocol is a

science and research-based program that is used as a valid form of medical treatment, using the eyes as vectors for a synergetic combination of Syntonics light therapy glasses and somatic sensory exercise. Working from a cellular level, the exercise movements are meant to shift the Autonomic Nervous System into a more resilient and stable state. 

Discover countless tools and techniques to build a more resilient you!

RESET, REWIRE, and RESTORE your life with

The Autonomic Protocol!

Are ready to...


Let your nervous system recover from the past and current stressors and trauma?

 Embrace feeling ready for each day, engaged, vibrant and feeling able?

 Have more restful night's sleep?

Improve your relationship with others?

 Be more focused and have more energy for work, academics and joy in your hobbies?​

Want to learn some more about Syntonics?

Here are some scientific papers explaining what it is and how it can help!

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“This program changed my life! I feel more awake and aware than ever, I have more energy, and I've been sleeping so much better. I would recommend this program to everyone!"
"Through the AP I have been given great tools that I can use with or without the glasses to manage my anxiety. Tiffany and Dr. Buck are the best."
“Worth every penny and minute spent on this program! The activities can be done by anyone at their own pace which is perfect if you have a hectic life! Thank you RRR!”

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Reset, Rewire, Restore

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