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“ACCCHHHOOOO!” “Bless you!” “Thank you!” Allergies! You gotta hate them and yet, you gotta love them. What we experience, the symptoms, are just the tip of the iceberg. Allergies are based on our body’s immune system, and we need that immune system to work to stay alive. Without it, microbes would get into our bodies and's not good. The problem we have with allergies is when they work overtime or when they react with something in our life that isn’t a dangerous microbe but instead a – little hair from our adorable kitty cat or puppy doggy! That's when it gets really annoying! The eyes are one of the first parts of us to react to triggers in our environment with an allergic cascade of events. But the hard part for most people is telling the difference between Mucky Gucky Green and Yucky Bacterial Conjunctivitis and Allergic Conjunctivitis. So – how about we start with the basics?

Now that you know the difference you can safely head off to work or school knowing that you will give your bacterial conjunctivitis to the person who always bugs you all day! And if its an allergy you can always call your boss and tell them you have a pink eye and will work from home the next few days so that you don’t spread it around. Wink Wink.

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